Version 2.0


Added in pseudo-element mixin

Added in aspect ratio mixin
Added in vertical centering mixin
Added in list beautifying mixin
Added in font size mixin
Added $primary colour variable
Added $secondary colour variable
Added new template for titles
Moved Twitter API to its own file
Moved all non-scripts.js files to /js/vendor folder and enqueued those relevant
Added @imports for all sass files and commented them out
Moved search-form.php to tpl/parts
Deleted unnecessary tpl/parts - banner-short & child-page-list
Added in banner.php and added variable structure. Added in variable examples to page.php and single.php as well as tpls. 
Tidied content.scss into pagination, search and img.scss - added background utility classes
Commented sass files where appropriate for organisation 
Beautified the whole thing so it’s easier to read
Added img folder
Made the landing page look a bit better
Added twk_nav_walker to /lib - adds back button and title to sub-menus for sliding mobile navigation
Tidied scripts.js
Added scripts for:
  • Opening external links & PDFs in new tab
  • Fixed Header
  • Mobile menu - for use with nav walker
  • Magnific init for videos